A Sapiential Confluence

This is a study on¬†alternative living, on seeking out a better solution, on deep analysis and appreciation of the common and not-so-common things that surround us. I am Julie, and I also go by Little Magics because I want to always remember and remind others that there are little magical occurrences happening everyday, and these should be celebrated. Little magics such as when you say something to your friend and they said they dreamt about it, or when you drop something and you catch it just before it reaches the ground that can break it, or when you witness that first sprout that pushes out of the earth and gets its first glimpse of daylight, or when you are saying something and in the same moment, you hear the same word(s) repeated at the next table over or on the radio or TV…

In this blog I will talk about and celebrate good and beautiful things, such as music, arts, crafts, ancient wisdom, modern advances, clubs/groups/websites/collectives, pedagogy, nature, travel/interesting places, and whatever else comes to Mind. I think a lot and I ask for company. This is meant to be a discussion, a thought-collective (a collective Mind) and a coming together that celebrates the brilliance and magic that humans can offer and create. This is a coming together of solutions, thoughts and wisdom, powerful positivism, digging deeper, and seeking alternative methods/lifestyles because there are more and better options than meets the eye. This is my written catalyst for change. This is a light to cast out the dark.  This is a thought economy.

Please, feel welcomed, and join in the conversation.

Note: I ask for the following words/concepts to be upheld at all times:

Peace – Love – Respect – Understanding – Compassion – Teamwork/Togetherness – Friendship – Kindness



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